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4th of July

Every year the Needham Exchange Club provides Needham’s
4th of July Celebration
at no cost to the Town or its taxpayers. All the funds we spend are raised from your contributions, the support of local businesses and the hard work of the 100 men and women of the Needham Exchange Club.

All the money raised for the Parade and Fireworks are spent solely on the celebrations.

Please help support Needham’s Signature Event!

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Youth Programs
Supporting Needham's young people - and fostering their sense of the importance of citizenship and the value of community service - is the focus of a number of our Programs of Service.

Our Youth Recognition Programs

Youths of the Month and Youth of the Year

Each year, the Exchange Club awards four Youth of the Month awards to high school seniors who live in Needham. Chosen from among students nominated by their schools, these seniors have demonstrated:
  • High scholastic achievement
  • Community involvement
  • Leadership
The Youths of the Month and their families are hosted at an Exchange Club Meeting where each youth speaks briefly about his or her experience and receives a check for $1,000.

One of these four students is chosen as the Needham Exchange Club Youth of the Year. That student then competes for the Exchange Club District Youth of the Year award. The winner of the District award then has the opportunity to compete for the National Exchange Club Youth of the Year award.

List of Winners...

Exchange Club Scholarship

Each year, an outstanding college-bound Needham High School Senior is awarded an Exchange Club Scholarship of $5,000 to help with the costs of their college education.

List of Winners...

ACE Award (Accepting the Challenge of Excellence)

This award is presented yearly to a graduating Needham High School senior who has overcome significant personal challenges to succeed. The ACE award winner and his or her family are hosted and recognized at an Exchange Club dinner meeting where the student receives the award and a check for $1,500.

List of Winners...

Exchange Club Community Service Awards

Established in 2010, this award recognizes younger high school students (sophomores and juniors) who demonstrate:
  • service to the school or local community
  • leadership
  • persistence
  • collaboration
  • impact
Each year, up to five students will be recognized with a plaque at an Exchange Club meeting. Each student will be invited to submit a brief proposal to the Exchange Club for a cash award ($500 - $1,000) to be donated to a community or school-based organization or project they are involved in. The Exchange Club will select one of the proposal and make the cash award to the organization in the youth's name.

Students or their advisors can apply to be considered for the Community Service Awards by filling out this short application. Nomination dates for the 2013-14 awards will be announced in Fall, 2013.

Pollard Middle School Community Service Award

This award program will be inaugurated in 2013. The Pollard Community Service Award is modeled after the High School Community Service Award. It complements and supports the development of the Community Service Learning program at Pollard Middle School.

All Pollard 8th grade students participate in the Community Service Learning program. The program requires each student to complete a portfolio based on research, active community service, reflection, writing and learning.

The Community Service Learning faculty will select one student to be recognized from each cluster. Each students will receive a certificate, and a cash donation will be made by the Exchange Club to the organization or service with which the student was involved.

Our Youth Support Programs

  • We raise funds and buy gifts for our annual Holiday Children's Project which provides gifts to needy children during the December holidays.
  • We raise funds and provide the volunteer support for the Kidcare Identification Program
  • The High School Graduation Party joins the Exchange Club in partnership with Needham’s other service clubs. We are the chaperones for the 4-6 a.m. shift and prepare the breakfast.
  • The Excel Club at Needham High School provides students with a chance to engage in community service projects.
  • We participate in the Child Assault Prevention Program, an established presence in our schools, which is now hosted at the Needham Community Council