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4th of July

Every year the Needham Exchange Club provides Needham’s
4th of July Celebration
at no cost to the Town or its taxpayers. All the funds we spend are raised from your contributions, the support of local businesses and the hard work of the 100 men and women of the Needham Exchange Club.

All the money raised for the Parade and Fireworks are spent solely on the celebrations.

Please help support Needham’s Signature Event!

HomeExchangites Extraordinary


Awarded to a member for club year that has demonstrated his/her commitment to the values of Exchange and the Community.

Steve Rosenstock
Cynthia Chaston 2015
Bill Dermody 2014
Kevin Ryan 2011
Richard S. Creem 2010 
Moe Handel
Paul W. Robey, III 2007
William Tilburg 2006
Ronald Morrison 2005
Skilky Eaton 2004
Colleen Schaller 2003
Richard Kelly 2002
Richard Lawless 2001
Normand Provencher 2000
Peter Adams 1999
George Macrina 1998
Hoit Bussell 1997
George Haskell 1996
Philip Robey 1995
Philip Wiggin 1994
Robert Larsen 1993
Arthur Bloom 1991
Ed Reulbach 1990
Andy Picariello 1989
Charles Wyckoff 1986
Stanley Tippett 1985
Peter Carre 1980
Mel Colman 1979
Walter Scott 1978
Lloyd Remsen 1977
Frank Rice 1976
Al Maccarone 1975
Gorham Humphrey 1974
Myles Carlin 1973
Robert Page 1972
Richard Pierce 1971
Orsen Berry 1970
Dr. Kenneth Christophe 1969
Julius Fedel 1968
Cyril Angell 1967
William Mann 1964
Harold Wilkerson 1962
John Manter 1961
Frederick Wise 1959
Edward Stewart 1958
Frederick Wise 1951