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4th of July

Every year the Needham Exchange Club provides Needham’s
4th of July Celebration
at no cost to the Town or its taxpayers. All the funds we spend are raised from your contributions, the support of local businesses and the hard work of the 100 men and women of the Needham Exchange Club.

All the money raised for the Parade and Fireworks are spent solely on the celebrations.

Please help support Needham’s Signature Event!

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The Fourth of July Celebration and Fireworks

 We are well known for providing Needham’s 4th of July celebration from fireworks to parade and everything in between.  It is our signature activity. The celebration is planned, coordinated and carried out by the dedicated members of the Needham Exchange Club. We also receive the help of family and friends and business sponsors! No town governmental funds are used. The entire 4th of July celebration is 100% funded by private donations. We thank the people and businesses of Needham that have shown us through their generosity that they value this hometown tradition.


But that’s not all we do. Among our many programs and events are:


Youth Programs:


 Supporting Needham's young people - and fostering their sense of the importance of citizenship and the value of community service - is the focus of a number of  Exchange Club programs.  Learn more about our Youth Recognition and Support programs....



Other Programs:


The annual “The Sunshine Special” is an outing for over 250 seniors. We plan a day for them, which includes a mystery ride out of the area; lunch at a different location each year, and all entertainment.


Each month the Needham Community Council gives the Club a list of desired food items for the Council’s Food Pantry. Members are informed through the Club’s newsletter and voluntarily bring what they can from the list. The Committee gathers the donated items and brings them to the Food Pantry.


The Fire and Crime Programs

These focus on the sponsorship of events for Crime and Fire Prevention with emphasis on local initiatives.

The Book of Golden Deeds Award is given annually to a Needham person who has quietly provided volunteer services to the community and contributed to improving the quality of life in our town. We place an emphasis on recognizing the “unsung heroes and heroines” in our community.


The Club’s members are involved with the Charles River ARC includes volunteer support for events like the monthly birthday parties and barbecues.


The National Day of Service is an annual event that involves club members in hands on public improvements such as painting park benches.


Patriotism plays a large part in some of the club’s programs including providing Freedom Shrines in all of Needham’s Schools and  providing a So Proudly We Hail Award annually to a town resident who flies our country’s flag.


The Needham Exchange Club funds its projects, events and programs through a host of fundraisers such as:


The Citrus Sale fundraiser sells oranges and grapefruit from mid October to early December.


The Charity Golf Tournament held in the spring. This fundraiser helps support the many local groups we contribute to. Such as the Charles River Association ARC, the Council on Aging, and the Parent Teachers Association have benefited from this annual event over the years.


We have been publishing and distributing the Needham Phone Book for over 35 years. It is a major fundraiser for the Club, and through it, for Needham. All proceeds benefit the many programs that the members of then Exchange Club support.


In House Committees:


As with any large organization of its type, the Needham Exchange Club also has a number of internal committees to provide for operations and continuing education and growth of the membership.


Exchange Education Committee which educates club members on Exchange through presentations and written material.


The Audit Committee reviews club financial operations for compliance with state; federal law as well National Exchange by-laws.


The Exchangite Extraordinary Committee identifies and recognizes one club member who is performing “Above and Beyond” for community and club.


The Membership Committee suggests ideas for recruitment and provides orientation for new members


The Nominating Committee selects candidates from the membership to serve on the Board of Directors and as officers of the club:


The Public Relations Committee develops plans to create local visibility for club activities, district and national recognition